The Dream

I have been dreaming of opening my own grooming salon since I picked up my first grooming shears. I knew I wanted to create an environment not only where I can make pets beautiful but also a place they enjoy coming back to. I wanted to create a space where even the very nervous pet would learn they were in a safe place and would no longer fear grooming. I believe in working with each pet and learning what works for them while still getting the job done safely and to the best of my ability. I especially enjoy taking the time to introduce puppies to their first grooming making sure they are comfortable with each new step. And I love seeing how excited puppy and puppy parent are to see each other after their first groom.

Remember the best time for a puppy groom is 3 to 6 mos, before they learn to fear new things!

Kourtney Moore


Though I may not actually groom raccoons I will be happy to cuddle with just about anything that has four legs and fur. I starting grooming here in Georgia in 2004. I then moved to the state of Vermont, where I grew up, to spend time with family and I learned how to groom large, hairy, double coated breeds that need a lot of scissoring and brushing! I also lived in Arizona where I helped a friend open and run a very successful grooming salon for five years. I always knew I would find my way back to Georgia. I love the trees, the weather, and the people. My husband  and I have found our piece of heaven in Eden GA to raise our two young boys and now we are excited to start our new business in beautiful Guyton. Hope you will come visit us!