Pet Services



Full haircut, bath, blow dry, brush out, nail

clip, ear plucking and cleaning.

$45 -$85


Thorough bath with all natural Shampoos

and conditioners. Includes nail clip, ear

cleaning, blow dry and brush out.

DEshedding baths will be an extra $10 to

$20 and include special shampoo and

conditioner, blow out, and extra 15+ min.

of brushing.

$20 - $65

Touch up Groom

Neaten up face, ears, feet and sanitary

area. Includes bath, nail clip, ear cleaning,

blow dry and brush out. No body hair





Cat shave with a #10 blade with or without lion mane, full tail or lion tail. Includes bath

and nail trim.



Bath, brush out and nail trim


Extra Services for dogs only and with the purchase of Bath or


*Nail Dremmeling Highly recommended

leaves nails shorter and a lot smoothe.r

*Teeth Brushing Healthy teeth and gum

maintenance with enzymatic toothpaste.

*Medicated or Flea Shampoo Problems

with itchy, smelly or irritated skin? We can

help. (available for cats)

*Nail Painting Fun and festive colors for

any season, holiday or just because.

*Anal Gland Expression ‚Äčnot for all pets

recommended if your pet has issues with

scooting or releases glands on own


{feel free to ask if you have any questions)

$5 each

Walk-In Services                                                                                                

Nail trim $10

Nail trim and Dremel $15

Anal Gland Expression $10

Teeth Brush $5

Small trim (one area only) $5-$10

All other services need an appointment please